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High Power Laser Diode Fiber Optic Patch Cable / up to 100 Watts CW Laser Power

  • 100W high power fiber patch cable
  • 100W high power fiber patch cable

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Key Features
  • For Laser Diode Modules with up to 100 Watts of CW Output Power
  • 400μm Core Diameter, NA 0.22
  • SMA905 Connectors on Both Ends
  • Free-Standing Fiber Tips/Ferrules (Copper)
  • 3 Meter Length
  • Stainless Steel Protective Jacket with PVC Coating

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MODEL HPC-100W-400
PRICE $429.00
General Specifications
  • Model HPC-100W-400: Fiber Core/Cladding: 400μm/480μm (± 2%)
  • Model HPC-100W-600: Fiber Core/Cladding: 600μm/720μm (± 2%)
  • Model HPC-100W-1000: Fiber Core/Cladding: 1000μm/1100μm (± 2%)
  • Cable Length: 3 meters
  • Outer Layer Protective Tubing: Stainless Steel with PVC Coating
  • Outer Layer Diameter: 6.4 mm
  • Short Term Bend Radius: 100 x Cladding Diameter
  • Long Term Bend Radius: 300 x Cladding Diameter
  • NA: 0.22 (± 0.02)
  • Fiber Centricity: <10 µm
Connector Specifications
  • Connector Type: SMA905
  • SMA905 Connector Length: 25 mm
  • Ferrule Type: Free-Standing Fiber
  • Ferrule Material: Copper
  • Ferrule Diameter: 3.174 (± 0.004) mm
  • Ferrule Length: 9.80 mm (± 0.1) mm

Product Overview:

These high power laser diode patch cables are terminated with SMA905 connectors on each end. They are stainless steel armored, multimode cables with free-standing copper fiber ferrules. The ferrule material is Copper. The length of the patch cable is 3 meters. They are constructed from metal armored tubing and have a stainless steel, PVC covered outer layer. The outside diameter is specified 6.4 mm. These patch cables are used in industrial and medical laser system applications.

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