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1064nm Grating Stabilized Single Mode Laser Diode in Pre-Configured CW Mode Control and Mount Module:
- 700mW Output Power
- User Replaceable Laser Diode

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sku / item#: 1064LD-1-1-6 / LASER-DIODE / CCS-CW
ships: 10 to 14 days

Key Features
  • Single Mode Emission Spectra
  • 0.2nm Laser Spectral Line Width
  • 700mW CW Output Power
  • Polarization Maintaining Fiber SM98-PS-U25D-H Terminated with FC/APC Connector
  • 14-Pin Butterfly Package; Integrated TE Cooler, Thermistor, Monitor PD
  • Offered by AeroDIODE, a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller
  • Sold & Supported in North America by: LaserDiodeSource.com, part of the
    Laser Lab Source Marketplace Group

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PRICE $4585.00
1064nm CW FBG Laser Diode Optical Output Specifications
  • Center Wavelength: 1064 nm (± 1 nm)
  • CW Output Power (typ): 700 mW
  • Emission Bandwidth: <0.2 nm
  • TEC Current Range: 0.0 - 1.5 Amps
  • TEC Voltage Range: 0.0 - 4.8 Volts
  • TEC Controller Compatible with NTC Thermistors: 1kΩ - 100 kΩ
  • Mounting Socket Base Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Mounting Socket: Zero Insertion Force Socket
user INTERFACE , Dimensions and power input
  • Current Adjustment through Side Panel Control Knob or USB
  • Remote Interface: USB
  • Control Software: Control Software Windows GUI Included
  • Input Power Supply: 12 VDC (220V/110V adapter included)
  • Module Dimensions: 126.8mm (W) x 130mm (L) x 32.5mm(H)
  • Libraries: DLLs - Hexa/Linux - Labview - Python
  • Analog Interface (0 - 3.3V): Peak Power Adjustment
  • OS Compatibility: Windows XP / Windows 7
DFB Laser Diode Fiber and Connector
  • Fiber Type: PM, Polarization Maintaining Nufern PM980-HP or equivalent
  • Mode Field Diameter: 6 um
  • Buffer Diameter: 250 um
  • Fiber Length: 1 meter
  • Connector: FC/APC, PM Aligned to Slow Axis
  • Integrated Fiber Bragg Grating
  • Also available without Fiber Bragg Grating (inquire)

Product Overview:

Pre-Configured 1060 nm Grating Stabilized Source and CW Control Module:

These CW 1060 nm FBG laser source & control modules offer the user a pre-configured, calibrated solution for test and sensing applications. The integrated 1060 nm laser diode source module is fiber coupled and single mode. A Bragg grating provides the wavelength stabilization. Both the chip in the butterfly package and the package itself were designed and optimized to provide excellent long term reliability. The coupling of the laser light into the fiber is based on proprietary techniques and manufacturing processes that provide high peak output power.


    System ships with 1064nm laser diode installed and tested in pulse control electronics and mounting module.

    User can remove and replace the laser diode in the future as needed.

    Get up and running fast with unlimited phone & email tech-support; see contact info in the images section.

High Reliability Telcordia GR-468 Core Compliant Laser Source:

The package style is a butterfly which is fiber coupled with PM fiber. The source is rated for operating powers up to 550 mW (CW) in continuous wave mode. The source laser butterfly package incorporates a thermoelectric cooler (TEC), a precision NTC thermistor and a back-facet monitoring photodiode. All of these integrated elements can be controlled and monitored through the control electronics module. These laser sources have a Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PMF) pigtail. Other key features of these 1064 nm devices include high polarization extinction ration and long MTTF.

Laser Diode Control Electronics and Butterfly Mounting Module:

The control electronics and mounting module for these laser diodes delivers high stability bias current, a precision TEC controller and a pre-configured ZIF mounting socket. These control modules offer multiple mechanical, thermal and electronic protection features. They ensure that your laser diode is protected and operated safely. The on-board TEC controller incorporates a fast feedback PID control loop to provide high temperature set-point stability. A user-set temperature limit keeps the source from thermal damage. Additionally, multiple bias current / voltage protection features are designed to keep the source safe from ESD, power outages and reverse voltage. A user controlled current limit clamps the current at the set limit level.

USB and Control Software:

The user can set and monitor all of the control parameters of the 1060nm source laser using the USB input and the supplied GUI software. These units ship with the USB cable to connect your PC to the connector on the side panel. A simple to use single page menu graphical user interface allows you to control all of the CW parameters as well as set current and temperature limits. Other features of these control modules include a daisy chain output, sync output, alarm monitor and back facet monitor output to monitor the DFB laser's power.

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