Fiber Coupled 1064nm High Power Laser

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1064nm, 6 Watts Laser Diode Module from RealLight

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Key Features
  • Output power: 6W
  • Wavelength: 1064nm ±3nm
  • Fiber core: 200 μm, 0.22 NA

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    The 1064nm 6W Laser Diode is a high power multimode laser diode with very high reliability and can operate at high temperatures.

    The 1064nm Laser Diode is ideal for medical use, material processing, illumination applications and others.

    Manufactured by RealLight Technology Co., Ltd., a high technology enterprise specializing in development and manufacturing of efficient and reliable lasers diodes. They deliver  cost-effective solutions with all the necessary and ideal attributes for the laser pump market.They provide products that meet the specific requirements of the customer.

    The laser light emitted from this Device is invisible and harmful to the human eye. Avoid looking directly into the fiber output or into the collimated beam along its optical axis when the device is in operation. Wear proper laser safety eyewear during operation.

    MODEL RLLD0016
    PRICE Request Price
    • Optical CW Output Power: 6 W
    • Center Wavelength: 1064±3 nm
    • Spectral Width: <6 nm
    • Temperature drift wavelength: 0.3 nm
    • Aiming Beam Voltage: 2.2, 5.0 V
    • Electrical Threshold: 0.23 A