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1064nm, 1 Watt Pulsed High Power Pump and Seed Laser Diode, Butterfly Package

  • 1064nm, 1 Watt Pulsed High Power Pump and Seed Laser Diode, Butterfly Package
  • 1064nm 1 watt pulsed high power pump and seed laser diode butterfly package Pin Assignment
  • 1064nm, 1 Watt Pulsed High Power Pump and Seed Laser Diode, Butterfly Package Diagram

$800.00   Ships: 3 weeks | Model RLS-1060NM-500MW

Key Features
  • Designed for Short Pulsing Capability: 30 nsec - 500 nsec
  • PULSED Peak Power: 1 Watt
  • 1060nm Center Wavelength
  • Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PMF) Single Mode Pigtail
  • Manufactured by 3SP Technologies, Fulfilled by Laser Lab Source

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PRICE $800.00
optical and electrical SPECIFICATIONS (@25 °C, BEGINNING OF LIFE)
  • Center Wavelength: 1060 nm (±10 nm)
  • PULSED Peak Power, <500ns / Duty cycle < 5% (typ): 1000 mW
  • PULSED Peak Current, <500ns / Duty cycle < 5% (max): 2 Amps
  • CW Operating Power at 800 mA (typ): 420 mW
  • CW Operating Power at 1000 mA (typ): 525 mW
  • CW Forward Voltage (typ): 1.6 Volts
  • CW Threshold Current (typ): 60 mA
  • TEC voltage (max): < 3.3 Volts
  • TEC current (max): < 2 Amps
  • THERMISTOR resistance: 10 kOhm
  • TEC Power Consumption: < 5.05 Watts
FIBER PIGTAIL specifications
  • Fiber Type: SM98-PS-U25A-H or equivalent Pigtail termination: Bare fiber Polarization state: Aligned parallel to the slow axis
  • Coating Diameter: 250 µm
  • Loose tube buffer diameter: < 915 µm
  • Fiber Termination: Bare fiber

Product Overview:

The 1064 CHP high power single-mode laser module is a pump source designed for both pulsed and CW fiber laser applications that requires operating wavelengths in the 1050-1070nm range. These fiber pigtailed seed and pump lasers are a new pump product family from 3SP Technologies which contains a new high power laser chip developed internally and fully qualified. Modules are available with a Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PMF) single mode pigtail. They incorporate a thermoelectric cooler (TEC), a precision NTC thermistor and a back-facet monitoring photodiode. These modules provide excellent stability with both time and temperature. Key features of the pump and seed lasers include epoxy free design inside the butterfly module for long term reliability, output power up to 500mW CW. Key features also include high polarization extinction ration, short pulse operation of 30ns-500ns and a MTTF of over 100,000 hours. Applications include fiber Lasers, pumping and printing applications, and frequency-doubling applications.

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