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1280nm Superluminescent LED (SLED Laser)

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Key Features
  • Typical ex-fiber output power of 20mW
  • Typical 3dB bandwidth of 40nm
  • Single mode fiber

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  • Typical ex-fiber output power of 20mW
  • Typical 3dB bandwidth of 40nm
  • Typical spectral modulation of 0.15dB
  • 14-pin BTF package
  • Single mode fiber
  • Optical Test Instrument
  • Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Fiber Optic Communications
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Biomedical Imaging Device
  • Clinical Healing Equipment

Product Overview:

The DenseLight DL-CS2184A series is a broadband SLED that operates in a true inherent superluminescent mode. This superluminescent property generates broader band at higher drive currents in contrast to other conventional SLEDs which are ASE-based, where high drive tends to give narrower band. Its low coherence reduces Rayleigh backscattering noise. Coupled with high power and large spectral width, it offsets photoreceiver noise and improves spatial resolution (in OCT) and measurand sensitivity (in sensors). The SLED is available in 14-pin BTF package. It is compliance with the requirements of Telcordia GR-468-CORE. Enabled by DensePICTM spread spectra bandgap engineering technology, future generations of DenseLight SLEDs promise higher chip powers (up to 50mW possible), and broader spectral bands (beyond 120nm).

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