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High Power 375nm Laser Diode

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Key Features
  • 200mW of Output Power, Multimode
  • Integrated Zener Diode for ESD Protection
  • Integrated Monitor Photodiode

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  • Wavelength: 375 nm (+/- 5 nm)
  • Optical Output Power (Pout): 200 mW
  • Threshold Current (Ith): 260mA
  • Operating Current (Iop): 390mA
  • Slope Efficiency (η): 1.1 W/A
  • Operating Voltage (Vop): 4.4 Volts
  • Beam Divergence Parallel (θ//): 19°
  • Beam Divergence Perpendicular (θ⊥): 40°
  • Beam Pointing Accuracy Perpendicular (∆θ⊥): < 5.0°
  • Monitor Current (Im) Range: 0.2 to 2.0 mA
Absolute Maximum Ratings
  • Optical Output Power (Pout): 200 mW
  • Reverse Current (Ir LD): 85 mA
  • PD Reverse Voltage Vr (PD): 5 V
  • Operating Temperature (Case): +20 to +30°C

Product Overview:

The FVLD-375-2 is a multimode 375nm laser diode offering up to 200mW of optical output power. It is supplied in a 5.6mm TO-can package. These devices have an integrated photo diode to allow the user to operate in a contstant optical feedback mode of operation, or these lasers can run in a standard current CW mode. The integrated zener diode offers protection against ESD and other transient events. These multimode lasers are used in applications such as medical, military and automatic access control systems. Some of the life sciences applications include research in flow cytometry, medical diagnostics as well as fluorescence excitation and medical instrumentation.

These devices offer a long MTTF (mean time to failure) and offer and very efficient electrical to optical power conversion. The typical slope efficiency is of 1.1 watts of output power per amp of input power.

These devices offer laser emission at a threshold current of approximately 200 mA and reach their full power at just under 400 mA. They typically require 4.4 volts of forward voltage for full power operation.

Based in Friedrichsdorf, Germany, Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) is a world leading supplier of laser diodes for scientific and industrial applications. In addition to DFB, DBR and Fabry-Perot devices, FLC offers broad area laser diode arrays and QCL's. They also manufacture a wide range of DPSS Lasers as well as complimentary optics and accessory products.

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