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395nm Laser Diode, 120mW

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Key Features
  • 395nm Center Wavelength
  • Single Mode
  • Optical Output Power: 120 mW
  • Integrated Zener Diode for ESD Protection
  • High Power Single Mode Laser
  • Offered by Frankfurt Laser Company

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  • Wavelength: 390nm~400nm
  • Optical Output Power Pout: 120mW
  • Threshold Current Ith: 28mA
  • Forward Current If: 100mA
  • Forward Voltage Vf: 4.5V
  • Slope Efficiency: 1.7 W/A
  • Beam Divergence Parallel: 7 - 12 deg.
  • Beam Divergence Perpendicular: 13 - 28 deg.
  • Beam Pointing Accuracy: ±2.0 deg.
  • Beam Pointing Accuracy: ±2.5 deg.
  • Monitor Current Im: <1.0 mA
Absolute Maximum Ratings:
  • Optical Output Power Pout: 140mW
  • Reverse Current Ir(LD): 85mA
  • PD Reverse Voltage Vr(PD): 5V
  • Operating Temperature (Case) Tc: -10 to +30 °C

Product Overview:

These 395nm laser diodes from Frankfurt Laser Company are single mode violet lasers with 120 mW of CW output power. They are supplied in a TO-can packaged with a Photo Diode and Zener Diode. The Zener diode is implemented for protection against ESD and surge transients.

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