405nm 500mw Laser Diode, OPNEXT

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High Power 405nm 500mW Blue/Violet OPNEXT Laser Diode from OptLasers

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$384.00   Ships: 1 week | Model OPTLD002

Key Features
  • Center Wavelength (typical): 405nm
  • CW Optical Output Power Max: 500mW
  • Blue/Violet Lasing
  • Low Operating Current: 390mA Typical
  • Low Operating Voltage: 5.5V Max
  • Small Package: φ5.6mm TO-can
  • Offered by OptLasers, fulfilled by LaserDiodeSource.com

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    These 405nm blue laser diodes manufactured by Opnext and offered by OptLasers Corporation are rated for up to 500mW of optical output power. They are offered in an industry standard 5.6 mm TO-can package with no monitor PD. These devices feature low operating power levels of 390mA and less than 5.5 volts of forward voltage required. Gallium Nitride laser diodes at 405nm emit a violet/blue wavelength used in many diverse applications.

    PRICE $384.00
    • Center Wavelength (typical): 405nm
    • Optical output power: 500mW (max)
    • Beam divergence parallel to the junction (typical): 5°(min) - 25°(max)
    • Lasing wavelength: 398nm (min) - 410nm (max)
    • Multi Transverse Mode Oscillation
    • Threshold Current (max): 160mA
    • Operating Current (typical): 390mA
    • Operating Voltage (max): 5.5V
    • 5.6mm φ TO-Can
    • No internal monitor diode
    • LD Reverse Voltage: 2V
    • Operating Temperature:0 to 30°C
    • Storage Temperature:-40 to 85°C