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638nm, 500mW Red Laser Diode, 5.6mm TO-Can, No-Cap

$78.20   Ships: Request | Model RLS-06975

Key Features
  • 638nm Center Wavelength
  • 500mW CW with >1000mW Pulsed Output Power
  • Capless 5.6mm TO-18 package
  • High Brightness for Mini-Projector Applications
  • Offered by CivilLaser, Fulfilled by Laser Diode Source

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PRICE $78.20
Typical Laser Specifications at 25ºC
  • Wavelength: 638nm
  • Output Power: 500mW
  • Pulse Power: >1000mW
  • Pulse Condition: Pulse duty cycle ≤ 25%, pulse frequency ≥ 50Hz
  • Operating Voltage: 1.9-2.6V
  • Operationg Current: <800mA
  • Operating Temperature: -5~+55℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40 ~ +100℃
  • Package Form: T018(5.6mm)
  • Working Time: ~ 10000 hours

Product Overview:

These 638nm red laser diodes are manufactured by MITSUBISHI, part number ML501P73, and offered by CivilLaser. These lasers offer up to 1 watt of output power and are designed to run in a pulsed mode. The recommended operating conditions in the pulsed mode are 50 Hz, 33% duty cycle. Common uses for these TO-can header devices include ultra-small RGB display applications and color projectors. The output power in the continuous wave mode of operation is 500 mW. These devices offer an operating current of less than 800mA and an operating voltage of 1.9 volts to 2.6 volts. They are offered in a capless 5.6mm TO-18 package and have a working time of appx. 10,000 hours.

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