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760nm Laser Diode, 150mW

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Key Features
  • Ultra narrow line width 0.04 pm (10MHz)
  • ASE noise suppression 30dB
  • Rise time <2 nanoseconds
  • Up to 150mW c.w. operating power
  • Rise time < 2nsec
  • Internal TEC temperature stabilized

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MODEL LU0760M150
PRICE Request Price
Typical Electrical & Optical Characteristics @ 25°C
  • Operating power (cw): 150 mW
  • Operating current: 250 mA
  • Pulsed peak power (P.W. < 500ns, duty cycle <5%): 250 mW
  • Pulsed peak current (P.W. < 500ns, duty cycle <5%): 350 mA
  • Rise and fall time: 2 nanoseconds
  • Threshold current: 50 mA
  • Forward voltage @ Iop: 2 V
  • Peak wavelength @ Pop: 760 nm
  • Spectral width (FWHM, @ Pop , with FBG): 0.04 pm
  • Optical power stability (@ lop, t = 60 sec): 0.3%
  • Polarization extinction ratio (PM fiber version): 12 dB
  • Spectral shift with temperature (FBG Temp.): < 0.02 nm/ °C
  • ASE noise suppression (@ Pop , with FBG): 30 dB
  • Monitor responsivity: 0.08 µA/mW
  • Monitor dark current: < 40 nA
  • TEC current (chip 25°C. case 70°C): 0.9 A
  • TEC voltage (chip 25°C. case 70°C): 1.7 V
  • Thermistor resistance (T=25°C): 10 kOhm
  • Thermistor B constant: 3950 K
Fiber type
  • HI 780 or PM Fiber PM780 Type PANDA

Product Overview:

Thsese single mode 760nm pump laser diodes from Lumics are ultra-narrow line width devices with up to 150mW of continuous wave optical output power, and up to 250mW of peak power in pulsed mode. The line width is 0.04 picometers (10 MHz) and the polarization extinction ratio is 12 dB for the PM fiber coupled model. These device are based on a GaAs based quantum well semiconductor substrate. These lasers were developed to meet the strictest reliability test requirements and each device is tested through a set of opto-electronic, thermal and mechanical tests prior to shipment. Each laser diode module is individually serialized for trace-ability and each unit ships with its own set of final test data. These lasers are used extensively in frequency doubling applications. Their narrow line width and fast 2 nanosecond rise and fall time in pulsed mode make them an ideal selection for many sensor applications. They are offered in a hermetically sealed telcordia qualified package with an internal thermo-electric cooler for temperature stabilization and the resulting high wavelength stability.

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