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786nm Laser Diode, 250mW

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Key Features
  • Up to 250mW CW operating power
  • Up to 300mW peak power
  • Rise time <2nsec
  • Internal TEC temperature stabilization
  • 786nm wavelength

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PRICE Request Price
  • Operating power (cw): 250 mW
  • Operating current: 390 mA
  • Pulsed peak power (P.W. < 500ns, duty cycle <5%): 550 mW
  • Pulsed peak current (P.W. < 500ns, duty cycle <5%): 750 mA
  • Rise and fall time: 2 nanoseconds
  • Threshold current: 90 mA
  • Forward voltage @ Iop: 1.95 V
  • Peak wavelength @ Pop: 786 nm
  • Spectral width (FWHM, @ Pop , with FBG): 0.2 pm
  • Optical power stability (@ lop, t = 60 sec): 0.5%
  • Polarization extinction ratio (PM fiber version): 14 dB
  • Spectral shift with temperature (FBG Temp.): < 0.012 nm/ °C
  • ASE noise suppression (@ Pop , with FBG): 20 dB
  • Monitor responsivity: 5 µA/mW
  • Monitor dark current: < 40 nA
  • TEC current (chip 25°C. case 70°C): 1.1 A
  • TEC voltage (chip 25°C. case 70°C): 1.9 V
  • Thermistor resistance (T=25°C): 10 kOhm
  • Thermistor B constant: 3950 K
  • single mode HI 780 fiber (PM780 on request)

Product Overview:

These GaAs substrate based quantum well laser diodes offer up to 250 mW of output power and a center wavelength of 786 nm. These Lumics lasers are manufactured in Berlin Germany and are offered in North America through Laser Lab Source.

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