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808nm, 2W Industrial Laser Diode

  • 808nm 2W Industrial Laser Diode 1
  • 808nm, 2W Industrial Laser Diode 2
  • 808nm, 2W Industrial Laser Diode 3

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Key Features
  • 808 nm Wavelength
  • 50 µm core, 0.22 NA fiber
  • Hermetically sealed single emitter
  • Floating anode/ cathode
  • Direct Modulation up to 20 MHz

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  • Output Power c.w. Pop (c.w.): 2 Watts
  • Peak Wavelength at Pop: 808 nm (+/-10nm)
  • Spectral Width (FWHM): 2 nm
  • Threshold Current Ith: 450 mA
  • Operating Current Iop: 2.7 Amps
  • Operating Voltage Vop: 1.82 Volts
  • Heat Resistance LD to Bottom of Base Plate RH: 3.5 K/W
  • Power Conversion Efficiency: 45 %
  • Recommended Case Temperature: 20 to 30°C
  • Wavelength Shift vs. Temperature: 0.35 nm / Degree Kelvin
  • Wavelength Shift vs. Power: 1.2 nm / Watt
  • Fiber Core Diameter: 50 µm
  • Fiber Numerical Aperture NA: 0.22
  • Fiber Cladding Diameter: 125 µm
  • Fiber Buffer Diameter: 250 µm
  • Fiber Length: 1 meter
  • Min. Bend Radius Short /Long Term: >15 / >30 mm

Product Overview:

The LU0808T020 series offers an optical power of up to 2 watts from a 50 µm core, NA 0.22 multi-mode fiber coupled module. At this common wavelength, our 808nm laser diode offers a very competitive price-performance value for applications in materials processing, illumination and medicine. Very high life time is achieved due to the Lumics proprietary laser diode facet passivation technology and due to extensive burn-in testing.

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