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808nm, 400µm Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode in Pre-Configured Control & Mount System:
- 50 Watt Output Power
- User Replaceable Laser Diode

  • 808nm laser diode 50W Coherent DILAS
  • 808nm 50W Laser Diode Size
  • OEM Laser Diode Source Connector
  • 808nm-50-watt-dilas-coherent-laser-diode-dimensions-5
  • 808nm-50w-laser-diode-infographic
  • labview drivers master low power controller

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Key Features
  • 808nm, User-Adjustable Output Power up to 50W CW
  • TEC-Based and Air-Cooled Mount (Cooling Water Not Required)
  • RS485 Interface with LabVIEW Drivers; USB Optional
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  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE: System ships with 808nm laser diode installed and tested in pre-configured control and mounting system (Driver / Temp. Controller + Mount + Cables)
  • FLEXIBLE: User can remove and replace the laser diode in the future as needed
  • INSTALLATION SUPPORT: Get up and running fast with unlimited phone & email tech-support; see contact info in the images section to the left

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integrated laser diode specifications
  • Laser CW Output Power: 0 - 50 Watts
  • Center Wavelength: 808nm (+/-3nm)
  • Laser Spectral Line Width (FWHM): 4 nm (typ)
  • Laser Fiber Termination: HP-SMA905
  • Laser Fiber Numeric Aperture: 0.22
  • DILAS Laser Module
  • Soft-Start Current Ramp Factory Default Set to 300 Milliseconds
  • Soft-Start Current Ramp to Setpoint (User Programmable)
  • Factory Pre-Set Maximum Current Limit
  • Factory Pre-Set Upper Temperature Limit
  • ESD and Power Surge Clamp, AC Line Filter
  • Reverse Voltage Transient Clamp
  • Keylock Switch and Safety Interlock
  • Short Circuit when Laser Diode Current Turned OFF
  • Factory Pre-Set Upper Temperature Limit
  • Open Circuit Detection and Fast Shut-Down
TEC CONTROL UNIT TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER and TEC cooled laser diode mounting plate Specifications
  • Cooling Design: Peltier (TEC) Cooled Laser Diode Mounting Plate
  • Laser Temperature Setpoint: User Adjustable within Factory Pre-Set Range (Upper Limit Pre-Set to Protect Laser)
  • TEC Control Loop Algorithm: Full P.I.D., User-Adjustable Parameters
  • P.I.D. Variables: Factory Pre-Set for Optimum Performance
  • Laser Diode Upper & Lower Temperature Limits: Factory Pre-Set
  • Control Unit Waste Heat Removed by Forced-Air
  • Cooling Method: TEC-Peltier Coolers, Fan for Waste Heat Removal
  • Heatsink Fan Driven by Controller
  • Mounting Plate Hole Footprint: DILAS Package Style
  • Mounting Plate Integrated Thermistor: 10 kΩ
  • QCW Pulse Rise and Fall Time: < 25 μs to CW (< 10 μs on request)
  • QCW Trigger: Internal Function Generator or External Trigger
  • QCW Pulse Modes: Continuous Pulses, Single Pulses, Bursts
  • Pulse Time Base Accuracy: ± 1.0%
  • Modulation Signal: Accepts External Digital (TTL) or Analog
  • Modulation Input on d-Sub Connector; Input Impedance 10K Ohm
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Modulation Input Voltage Range: 0 ~ 4 Volts (4V = Max Current)
  • Analog Modulation Bandwidth: 1 Hz – 20 kHz
System Dimensions and Power Requirement
  • RS485 Industrial Interface, LabView Drivers Included
  • USB Optional: $125.00 (Option SVC-USB)
  • Input Power: Universal 110V ~230 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 190mm x 226mm x 84mm (control unit)

Product Overview:

808nm, 50W Laser Diode Source and Control Electronics Module Description

Model LDX-808NM-50W-OEM is a completely integrated, turn-key laser diode source and control system for laser system product integration and manufacturing applications. These pre-configured 50 Watt source and control electronics modules give the user full control over the integrated 808 nm diode laser module. The user can adjust drive current, optical power, temperature set-point, CW or QCW mode, and other parameters. The 808 nm laser diode is a fiber coupled module which is mounted on a Peltier cooled mounting plate. The laser is precisely calibrated and controlled to deliver a highly stable output.

Factory Configured Protection Settings for the Laser Diode

These turn-key modules ship with factory configured protection settings to make sure that the laser is run safely and operates within the specified maximum operating limits. These limits include the upper current limit and upper temperature limit. Additionally, a soft-start current ramp is set to 300 milliseconds to protect the laser from thermal shock when the bias current is applied. This soft-start ramp time can be customer configured via the digital interface. These units also have clamping circuitry to protect the laser against power surges and ESD.

Peltier / TEC Based Temperature Control System

These units have an integrated TEC controller with a full P.I.D. control loop to provide fast and efficient heat removal from the laser diode source. The laser diode is mounted on a Peltier cooled mounting plate made of nickel plate copper. This internal mounting plate is machined with very high surface finish and flatness to provide low thermal resistance, typically less than 0.06 K/C. The laser mounting plate is attached to a fan cooled air duct to remove the waste heat and help keep the laser temperature stable.

Soft-Start Current Ramp

In addition to the current the temperature limit protection settings, the LDX-808NM-50W-OEM laser source gives the user the option of setting the soft-start current ramp time from 300 milliseconds up to 10 seconds. This user adjustable current ramp allows you to customize the "power on" sequence of the source for your specific application.

User Controls

Users have full control of the fiber coupled laser module power through the standard RS485 interface with the included LabView drivers, or by the optional USB interface.

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