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915nm, 158 Watt Laser Diode

  • 915nm 158W Laser Diode
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Key Features
  • 915nm wavelength
  • 158W CW laser diode output power
  • 105µm fiber core diameter, 0.22 N.A.
  • 1040-1200nm feedback protection
  • High Reliability Multi-Single Emitter Technology
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General Parameters
  • CW Output Power (min): 158W
  • Threshold current (typical): 0.5 Amps
  • Operating current (max): 11 Amps
  • Operating voltage (max): 31.5 Volts
  • Reverse Voltage (typical): 45 Volts
  • Slope Efficiency (typical): 15 W/A
  • Electrical-to-Optical Efficiency (min):48%
  • Center wavelength: 905nm(min) - 925nm(max)
  • Spectral width (FWHM) (typical): 6nm
  • Wavelength Shift with Temperature (typical): 0.3nm/C
  • Life Time (MTTF) (typical): 10,000 hours
fiber Data (typical)
  • Buffer diameter: 250μm
  • Cladding diameter: 125μm
  • Core diameter: 105μm
  • Numeric aperture: 0.22
  • Fiber length: 1 meter
Other Information
  • ESD (max): 500 Volts
  • Storage temperature: -20C to 70C
  • Lead Soldering Temp (max): 260C
  • Lead Soldering Time (max): 10 sec
  • Operating case temperature: 15C to 35C
  • Relative Humidity: 15% to 75%
Key Applications
  • Laser pumping
  • Material processing

Product Overview:

915nm, 158W Laser Diode Overview:

Key features of these devices include 158 watts of output power, a 105μm fiber core diameter, and a 915nm wavelength. These lasers are manufactured by adopting specialized fiber-coupling techniques, resulting in products with a high efficiency, stability and superior beam quality. The 158 watt output is achieved by transforming the asymmetric radiation from the 915nm laser diode chip into an output fiber. These lasers are commonly used for material processing and fiber laser pumping.

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