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915nm, 200W High Power Laser Diode

  • 915nm 200W laser diode
  • 915nm 200W LIV Graph
  • 915nm 200W package

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Key Features
  • 915nm Wavelength
  • 200W Output power
  • 200µm Fiber core diameter
  • 0.22 N.A.
  • 1040nm-1200nm Feedback protection
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  • CW Output Power (min): 200 Watts
  • Threshold current (typical): 1 Amps
  • Operating current (max): 14 Amps
  • Operating voltage (max): 33 Volts
  • Reverse Voltage (typical): 50 Volts
  • Slope Efficiency (typical): 17.5 W/A
  • Electrical-to-Optical Efficiency (min):48%
  • Center wavelength: 905nm(min) - 925nm(max)
  • Spectral width (FWHM) (typical): 6nm
  • Wavelength Shift with Temperature (typical): 0.3nm/C
  • Life Time (MTTF) (typical): 10,000 hours
fiber Data (typical)
  • Buffer diameter: 320μm
  • Cladding diameter: 220μm
  • Core diameter: 200μm
  • Numeric aperture: 0.22
  • Fiber length: 1 meter
Other Information
  • ESD (max): 500 Volts
  • Storage temperature: -20C to 70C
  • Lead Soldering Temp (max): 260C
  • Lead Soldering Time (max): 10 sec
  • Operating case temperature: 15C to 35C
  • Relative Humidity: 15% to 75%
Key Applications
  • Laser pumping
  • Material processing

Product Overview:

915nm, 200W High Power Laser Diode Overview:

Key features of these devices include a high output of 200 watts, a 915nm wavelength, and a 200µm fiber core diameter. They also have a numerical aperture of 0.22, and offer 1040nm-1200nm feedback protection. These lasers are manufactured by adopting specialized fiber-coupling techniques, resulting in volume products with a high efficiency, stability and superior beam quality. These high brightness laser diodes are developed by transforming the asymmetric radiation from the laser diode chip into an output fiber with a small core diameter using special micro-optics. Thorough inspection and burn-in procedures on every device ensure reliability, stability and long lifetime. The most common applications are fiber laser pumping and material processing.

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