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10W Laser Diode, 940 nm Fiber Coupled Module from Lumentum

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sku / item#: L4-9894010-100M
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Key Features
  • Small Footprint L4 Fiber Coupled Package
  • 105 μm Core Fiber, 0.22 NA
  • SMA Fiber Connector
  • Multimode Output
  • Offered by Lumentum, Fulfilled by Laser Diode Source
  • Sold & Supported in North America by: LaserDiodeSource.com, part of the
    Laser Lab Source Marketplace Group

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MODEL L4-9894010-100M
PRICE $549.00
Optical specifications (typical)
  • Optical Output Power: 10 Watts
  • Typical Mean Wavelength at 25 °C: 939nm
  • Spectral Width (FWHM): 3nm
  • Conversion efficiency: 48%
  • Wavelength tuning vs. temperature (∆λ / ∆T): 0.35 nm / °C
  • Wavelength tuning vs. output power (∆λ / ∆P): 1.0 nm / Watt
Electrical specifications (typical)
  • Typical Operation Current: 11.7 Amps
  • Maximum Operation Current: 14 Amps
  • Typical Threshold Current: 0.7 Amps
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 2.2 Volts
Fiber Characteristics
  • Fiber core diameter: 105 μm
  • Fiber numerical aperture 0.22 NA
  • Fiber cladding: 125 μm
  • Fiber buffer: 250 μm
  • Fiber length: 1 meter
  • Fiber Optic Connector: SMA
  • Fiber laser pumping
  • Material processing
  • Graphic arts
  • Medical
  • Remote power generation
  • Pyrotechnic ignition

Product Overview:

These high power model number L4-9894010-100M multimode pump laser diodes from Lumentum, formerly JDSU, come with a 105 micron fiber that is terminated with an SMA connector. The output power is rated up to 10 watts (10W) and these multimode pumps offer high electrical to optical efficiency of 48%. The L4 package is based on multiple generations of high power 915nm, 940nm and 980nm pumps from JDSU. They have been optimized for maximum heat dissipation to ensure long life time. These are single emitters and the proprietary coupling processes deliver industry leading brightness from a very small form factor package.

Heat Sinking for JDSU/Lumentum L4 Packaged High Power Pumps:
The L4-9894010-100M package was designed to allow the use of either air cooling or water cooled thermal management. As with all laser diodes, device degradation accelerates with increased temperature. The case temperature should be actively controlled and kept in a safe operating temperature window. A proper heat sink for the diode laser on a thermal radiator will greatly enhance the life of the laser. Laser Lab Source offers a pre-configured heat sink which has been optimized for the L4 package. It comes pre-drilled with the correct mounting hole placement and has a TEC based cooling plate with a small fan to remove the waste heat. In addition to the mount, the current source and TEC controller unit which is compatible with the 10W laser is also available. Please contact us for more information on controlling and cooling high power JDSU/Lumentum laser diodes.

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