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Pre-Configured 976nm, 300mW Laser Diode Source with Control Electronics and Mounting Module

  • 976nm laser diode
  • 976nm fiber laser pump

sku / item#: LDX-976NM-300MW
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Key Features
  • Includes 3SP Technologies FBG Stabilized Pump Laser Diode Integrated into Pre-Configured Control Electronics and Mounting Module
  • 300mW FBG Grating Stabilized Laser Diode Pump Source & Control Module
  • Narrow Bandwidth for Yb3+ or Er3+ Pumping
  • User Adjustable Current and Temperature Control
  • Telcordia Qualified Laser Diode ~ Highest Reliability Rating
  • USB Interface and Control GUI Provided
  • Offered by AeroDIODE, a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller
  • Sold & Supported in North America by: LaserDiodeControl.com, part of the
    Laser Lab Source Marketplace Group

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PRICE $3815.00
976nm Grating Stabilized Laser Diode Source Output
  • Center Wavelength: 976.0 nm (±0.5 nm)
  • Operating Output Power: 0.00 - 300 mW
  • Specified Forward Current: 1,140 mA
  • Specified Forward Voltage: 1.9 Volts
  • Specified Threshold Current (max): < 100 mA
  • Wavelength tuning vs temperature: 0.02 nm / °C
  • Spectral width @ -3 dB (FWHM, max): < 0.6 nm
  • Power in band: > 90%
  • Optical power stability: < 2%
  • Telcordia Qualified
CONTROL MODULE: laser diode CURRENT output
  • Output Current CW Mode: 0.00 mA to 1500.00 mA
  • Output Voltage Maximum: 4.8 Volts
  • Noise and Ripple (rms 100Hz to 10 MHz): < 0.03%
  • Set-point Resolution @ 500mA: 0.1mA
  • Set-point Resolution @ 800mA: 0.2mA
  • Back-Facet Power Monitor Connector: BNC
  • TEC Current Range: 0.0 - 1.5 Amps
  • TEC Voltage Range: 0.0 - 3.8 Volts
  • Zero Insertion Force Mounting Socket
  • Butterfly Packaged Laser Diode Modules, Type-I Pin Configuration
  • Compatible with NTC Thermistor Sensors: ie 10 kΩ
user INTERFACE and power input
  • Remote I/O: USB with Graphical User Interface Software
  • Analog (0-3.3V) Remote Signal Peak Power Adjustment
  • Input Power Supply: 12VDC (220V/110V adapter included)
  • DIMENSIONS: 146mm (W) x 130mm (L) x 37mm(H)

Product Overview:

976nm, 300mW Single Mode Fiber Laser Pump:

These pre-configured laser diode source and control modules were developed for Yb3+ or Er3+ doped fiber pumping applications. They include a fiber Bragg grating stabilized laser diode with PM fiber. While the current source and temperature controller are pre-set for the integrated laser diode, both are adjustable by user to provide full control of the laser. These source and control modules offer a complete solution with optical output power up to 300mW.

Factory Configured Laser Diode Protection:

Multiple layers of laser diode protection are built into the control electronics module ensure that your laser diode is protected at all times. Current and temperature limits are pre-set to the laser diode's maximum specifications. The high stability temperature controller provides fast and efficient heat removal from the laser.

OEM Module Version for Product Integration:

The control and mounting module is available in an OEM board level form factor. This provides a simple, cost effective drop-in solution for fiber laser development and manufacturing. Please contact us for more information.

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