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980nm, 10 Watt Integrated Laser Diode Source & Control System

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Key Features
  • Laser Diode Module + Current & Temperature Controller with Integrated Cooling Block and Interface Cables
  • Includes 980nm 10 Watt CW Fiber Coupled Laser Diode
  • Pre-Configured and Pre-Tested Turn-Key System
  • Laser Driver Current: 0 - 17 Amps with Compliance Voltage up to 25 Volts

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PRICE $4495.00
  • BWT Laser Diode Module Model Number: K976D02RN-10.00W
  • CW Output Power (min): 10W
  • Slope Efficiency (typical): 0.95 W/A
  • Electrical-to-Optical Efficiency (min): 48%
  • Center wavelength: 973nm(min) - 979nm(max)
  • Spectral width (FWHM) (typical): 6nm
  • Wavelength Shift with Temperature (typical): 0.3nm/C
  • Life Time (MTTF) (typical): 10,000 hours
Laser DIODE Module Electrical Specifications (typical)
  • Typical Threshold current Ith: 1 Amp
  • Typical Operating current Iop: 12 Amps
  • Operating voltage: <2 Volts
Laser DIODE Module Mechanical & Fiber Specifications
  • Buffer diameter: 250μm
  • Cladding diameter: 125μm
  • Core diameter: 105μm
  • Numeric aperture: 0.22
  • Fiber length: 1 meters
  • Adjustable current : 0.00 -17.00 Amps
  • Compliance voltage : 0-25 Volts
  • Current stability < 0.05% full scale
  • Modulation Bandwidth: 500kHz
  • Temperature control range (typ): 20-40°C
  • Temperature stability (typ): <0.05°C
  • Compatible with laser diodes up to 140W optical power
  • Modulation Rise / Fall Time: < 3μs
  • Modulation Trigger: Internal or External
  • Photodiode power monitoring included
  • APC (Automatic Power Control) mode
System user INTERFACE and power input
  • USB including GUI
  • Power supply input: 24VDC or 28VDC

Product Overview:

These 980nm, 10 Watt source and control systems offer a complete plug and play solution for R&D applications. These units offer a pre-configured and pre-tested solution which includes a high reliablity single emitter 10 Watt laser diode source, an Alphanov 17 Amp current source with a high efficiency temperature controller, and a high power cooled mount. The cooling module comes pre-configured for the BWT laser diode module. The controller is optimized for high power fiber coupled modules and is pre-tested with the laser module prior to shipment. The laser diode heat sink is a passively cooled high performance mounting solution designed for high power laser diode modules. It is a convenient and high performance solution for cooling and temperature stabilization of laser diodes in laboratory environments.

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