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980nm Pump Laser Diode, 10 Watt Output Power

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  • 980nm 10 Watt High Power Pump Laser Diode
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sku / item#: RLS/LD-980NM-10W
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Key Features
  • 980nm Pump Laser Diode with SMA905 Connector and Integrated Red Pointing Laser
  • Wavelength: 980nm ±10nm
  • Fiber core: 200 μm, 0.22 NA
  • Multimode
  • Offered by RealLight Technology Company, a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller
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PRICE $850.00
  • Optical CW Output Power: 10 Watts
  • Center Wavelength: 980nm ±10 nm
  • Spectral Width: <6 nm
  • Temperature Drift of Wavelength: 0.3 nm/℃
  • Threshold Current: 0.56 A
  • Operating Current: 12.39 A
  • Operating Voltage: 2.12 V
  • PD Current: <3000 μA
  • TEC Max Current: 6.0 A
  • TEC Max Voltage: 9.8 V
High Power Fiber Connector
  • Fiber Core Diameter: 200 μm, 0.22 NA
  • Connector: SMA905

Product Overview:

980nm, 10 Watt Laser Diode, Fiber Coupled Package with Integrated Monitor Photodiode

The RealLight 980 nm 10 W laser diodes are known for their high efficiency and robust thermal design structure. They are designed to yield lifetimes of thousands of hours at their full rated power for applications including material processing, materials sample illumination, and medical uses. They are also used for solid-state laser pumping, beacons, and illumination.

The high heat load fiber-coupled package laser is designed to easily attach to a heat sink for thermal control. The package includes an internal thermistor for precision temperature control and stability once the laser package is attached to a TEC-based mount.

The laser includes a monitor photo-detector for APC (constant laser power feedback) mode of operation, and a low-power red aiming laser to facilitate safe laser setup and integration in your application.

Power-Efficient Laser for Spectroscopic Applications

These 10 W lasers offer an efficient electrical input to optical output power. The typical knee for the threshold point is approximately 0.6 amps and they achieve full power operation at roughly 12 amps of current and 2 V forward voltage. The standard fiber has a core diameter of 200 μm and is terminated with a standard SMA-905 style connector. Other connector styles and core diameters are available on request.

This laser is a well-designed and affordable source for laboratory research and for integration into a laser system product.

✔    This laser is available with a temperature controlled mount and controller electronics selected specifically for this laser diode

✔    Reduce the risk of damaging your laser diode & save time

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