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976nm Laser Diode, ± 1nm Center Wavelength Tolerance, 750mW Output Power, Fiber Bragg Grating Stabilized, Butterfly Package with PM Fiber

  • 976nm 750mW Laser Diode
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  • 976nm 750mW Laser Diode Configuration
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sku / item#: RLS/976NM-750MW-3CN01765GL
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Key Features
  • Fiber Bragg Grating Stabilized Single Mode Laser Diode
  • PM Fiber Pigtail; Unterminated Fiber (No Connector)
  • Telcordia GR-468-CORE Qualified - Highest Reliability Rating
  • For use in First Stage Fiber Laser Seed and Amplifier Applications
  • Integrated Monitor PD and TEC Cooler
  • Previously Sold as Part #RLS/976NM-750MW
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MODEL RLS/976NM-750MW-3CN01765GL
PRICE $1295.00
Optical Specifications (typical @ Tcase= 25 °C)
  • Center Wavelength: 976 nm (± 1nm)
  • CW Output Power: 750 mW
  • Peak Wavelength Tolerance @Tcase= 25 °C (max): ±1 nm
  • Wavelength Tuning vs Temperature ∆λp/∆T (max): 0.02 nm / °C
  • Spectral Width (@ -3 dB) ∆λFWHM: 0.6 nm
  • Power in Band: > 90%
  • Optical Power Stability (peak to peak) ∆P: < 1%
  • Power Consumption (EOL): 7.8 W
Electrical Specifications
  • Operating Current: 1140 mA (P=750 mW)
  • Operating Voltage: 1.9 Volts
  • Threshold Current: 60 mA
  • TEC Current: 1.5 Amps
  • TEC Voltage: 3.3 Volts
  • Specified values are rated at a constant heat sink temperature of 25°C
  • High Output Power Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA) and Fiber Lasers
  • Sensors
  • CATV
Fiber Termination
  • Fiber Type PMF Version: SM98-PS-U25A-H or equivalent
  • Fiber Type SMF Version: HI1060TM or equivalent
  • Coating Diameter (except along grating): 250 µm
  • FBG Recoat Diameter: 400 µm
  • FBG Position Module to Center of FBG: 2 meters
  • Loose Tube Buffer Diameter: 885 - 915 µm
  • Standard Pigtail Termination: Bare Fiber (or Request Connector Style Pricing @ Time of Order)
  • Polarization State: Aligned Parallel to Slow Axis

Product Overview:

976nm, 750mW, Laser Diode with PM Fiber; 1999CVB Series FBG Stabilized Pumps

These fiber Bragg grating stabilized laser diodes from 3SP Technologies are Telcordia qualified, high reliability single mode pumps for fiber lasers. They are powered by 3SP's in-house epitaxial wafer growth technology. These laser diodes are offered in a low profile 14-pin butterfly package with a PM fiber pigtail. They operate at a recommended operating power up to 750 mW. They incorporate a TEC cooler with a 10 kOhm NTC thermistor and a back facet monitor PD. The wavelength is “locked” utilizing a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) located in the fiber pigtail. These modules from 3SP Technologies have been extensively tested and meet the rigorous requirements of Telcordia TM GR-468-Core for EDFA telecommunications pump modules. They come with a bare fiber (no connector) termination.

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