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200 MHz Analog RF Driver for Fiber Optic Acousto-Optic Modulators

  • Acousto-Optic Modulator, Analog Input RF Driver

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Key Features
  • Analog-Input RF Signal Generator
  • Optimized for AeroDIODE's Acousto-Optic Modulators
  • Offered by AeroDIODE a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller
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PRICE $695.00
General Specifications
  • Operating Frequency: 200 MHz
  • Output Power: up to 3 W
  • Input / Output Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Extinction Ratio: > 30 dB
  • Output Signal: Analog, 0 - 5 V
  • Input / Output Interface: SMA
  • Power Input: 24 V
  • Dimension: 81 mm x 58.5 mm x 15 mm
  • Refer to Datasheet for Additional Specifications

Product Overview:

Driver for Fiber-coupled AOM Overview:

This RF driver is designed to integrate seamlessly with AeroDIODE's acousto-optic modulators (AOM). In order to drive the AOM a high power RF signal is required, typically more power than can be delivered by a small-signal high-frequency RF signal generator; an RF driver is employed to provide the high power RF signal to the AOM.

This model accepts a low-level analog input signal, and amplifies the signal to drive the acousto-optic modulator. This acousto-optic modulator is designed to operate at a set frequency of 200 MHz, determined by the physics and construction of the Bragg cell.

Analog and Digital Signal RF Drivers

In addition to this analog-input RF driver, there is also a digital signal generator that operates at 200 MHz. A combined analog-digital signal RF generator is available that combines analog- and TTL-signals at 200 MHz.

The operating frequency of the RF driver must be matched to the AOM; when you order an acousto-optic modulator and RF driver, we'll match the driver frequency to the AOM that you've chosen for your application.

AOM - Driver Frequency Matching

The RF driver frequency must be matched to the AOM; when you order a fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulator and RF driver, we'll make sure the driver frequency matches the AOM that you've chosen for your application.

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