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638nm Red Laser Diode Source, 900mW High Stability Free-Space Output

  • 900mw-638nm-free-space-laser-diode-module-main
  • 900mW 638nm Red Laser Diode Module

sku / item#: RLS / R638-900SM
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Key Features
  • High Stability Red Laser Diode Module
  • TEC Temperature Regulated
  • Control Module Provides Laser Safety Features
  • Operates on Single 7.5V Power Supply
  • Offered by OptLasers, a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller
  • Sold & Supported in North America by: LaserDiodeSource.com, part of the
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MODEL RLS / R638-900SM
PRICE $1920.00
Optical Specifications
  • Wavelength: 638 nm ±5nm
  • Output Power: 900 mW
  • Typ. Beam Size [@ 1/e2]: 5 mm vertical x 5.5 mm horizontal
  • Typ. Full Angle Beam Divergence [@ 1/e]: 0.2 x 1.6 mrad
  • Typ. Spectral line width FWHM [@ FWHM]: 1 nm
  • Polarization State: TE
  • P-P Power Stability [8 h]: TBD
  • RMS Power Stability [8 h]: TBD
Electrical Specifications
  • Supply Voltage: 7.5 V
  • Operating Current: 8 A
  • Modulation Voltage Range: 0 - 5 V
  • Modulation: Analog/TTL, 600kHz
  • Rise Time: TBD
  • Fall Time: TBD
  • Soft-Start Time: 2000 ms
  • Signal to Rise Delay: TBD
  • Laser Cooling: TEC
Mechanical Specifications
  • Beam Diameter at Output Aperture: 5 mm
  • Height of Beam from Base: 29mm
  • Dissipated Power [Bottom Surface]: < 25 W
  • Module dimensions (L x W x H): 129 mm x 59 mm x 41 mm
  • Estimated Lifetime: 10,000 hrs

Product Overview:

High Stability Red Laser Diode Module

These modules utilize the latest technology high power red laser diodes. Using a red semiconductor laser diode source, these modules offer much higher power stability than a DPSS laser. Also, because of the reduction in the number of internal parts needed to produce a beam, the system is more reliable, offers higher efficiency, and an extended service life.

Microcontroller-Based Operation with Laser Safety Features

These units are microcontroller based, providing a soft start of the laser diode and also regulating the temperature. The system protects the diode from overheating: when the temperature of the diode exceeds the pre-programmed safe temperature, current to the laser diode is safely cut off.

Simple Integration with Single Power Supply

The module is powered by a single 7.5 VDC power supply, drawing up to 8 A. The laser is modulated via separate analog or TTL control signal, with -3dB bandwidth up to 600kHz.

Compact, Heat-Dissipating Housing

The diode along with the entire optical system is mounted in a compact housing which ensures both protection and cooling. To enable continuous work of the module, for example in a laser projector, it must be placed on an aluminum plate which allows for heat dissipation (thermal grease significantly improves the cooling of the module). It is a solution that not only saves space in the projector cabinet, but also reduces the level from which the beam is emitted. This is aimed at meeting the demands of customers who more often than not look for compact high-power modules.

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