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Multi-Channel, Narrow Line Width Continuously Tunable Laser Source
- Including Four C-Band Laser Sources

  • Tunable laser source mainframe
  • Tunable C-Band Laser Source Module
  • Tunable Laser Source Specifications
  • GUI Screen
  • Continuously Tunable Laser Block Diagram

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Key Features
  • 24-Channel Source Laser Mainframe
  • Includes One Module with Four Independently Tunable Extended C-Band Channels (NC-Type)
  • Mode Hop-Free Tuning Range: 1524.5 nm - 1572 nm
  • Tunable Channel Spacing: Continuously Tunable
  • Five Mainframe Bays Remain for Future Expansion
      - up to 20 Additional Laser Source Channels
  • Line Width 25 kHz Typical, <100 kHz Guaranteed
  • USB Connectivity, GUI Interface
  • Offered by ID Photonics, a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller
  • Sold & Supported in North America by: LaserDiodeControl.com, part of the
    Laser Lab Source Marketplace Group

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MODEL CBMA24 / 4x-NC / Τunable Laser Source
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Specifications for Included Extended C-Band Lasers
  • Continuous Tuning Range: 1524.5 nm - 1572.06 nm
  • Adjustable Optical Output Power Range: 10mW - 40 mW
  • Spectral Line Width: 25 kHz Typ. (<100 kHz Guaranteed)
  • SMSR: >40 dB (Typ.)
  • Wavelength Tuning Specifications
    • Channel Spacing: Continuously Tunable (no mode hops)
    • Frequency Accuracy: 0.3 GHz (24-hour)
    • Fine Tuning Resolution: 1 MHz
    • Fine Tuning Range: ± 6 GHz
  • Optical Fiber: PM Polarization Maintaining PANDA Type Fiber
  • Connector: FC/APC (others on request)
  • Specifications For Other Tunable Laser Types In the Data Sheet
  • Total Channel Count: 4 to 24 Independent Source Channels
  • Source Card Count: Up to Six Interchangeable Cards
  • AC Power supply provided, 100-240 VAC, 500mA, 50/60Hz
  • Intuitive Browser Based GUI, No Software Installation Required
  • Remote Control and automatization via SCPI Standard command structure, Multi-User capable including safety features

Product Overview:

Continuously Tunable, Multi-Channel Laser Source Overview

The CoBrite CBMA24 is a powerful and versatile multi-channel laser source, capable of loading up to 24 independent channels. Each laser channel features narrow spectral width lasers that are continuously tunable, and with output power can be adjusted across the full wavelength tuning range.

This innovative and affordable tunable source is suitable for demanding coherent applications, advanced modulation formats at high baud rates, and local oscillators.

Control of the mainframe is achieved with the included graphical user interface, and allows for full independent control of each laser channel. The GUI software provides instant control with no complicated installation.

Unmatched Versatility and Flexibility

The CBMA24 accommodates up to six modules, each containing up to four independently controller laser channels. The lasers in each module can be custom ordered with different wavelength range specifications. The table shown in the images indicates the available options.

Tunable Laser Wavelength Ranges

  • NC Tunable Laser Wavelength: 1524.5 - 1572.06 nm
  • NL Tunable Laser Wavelength: 1568.78 - 1611.78 nm
  • SC Tunable Laser Wavelength: 1527.6 - 1568.61 nm
  • GC Tunable Laser Wavelength: 1527.61 - 1568.77 nm

  • Output Power Stability - Output power remains constant while the wavelength is fine-tuned
  • Remote Control - Use USB Port to control the instrument via any browser based device without software installation. Multi-User capability and safety features included
  • Maintenance-Friendly - User removable fiber connector plate for easy cleaning

Additional Ordering Options

Additional laser variants are available - from cost effective multi-purpose to high end narrow linewidth laser sources - to match your application and budget. The instrument can cover an application space of 1525nm to 1612nm and up to 60 mW of power using customized variants. Please contact us to discuss additional options and for a quotation.

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