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High Speed Turn-Key Semiconductor Optical Modulator (SOM)

$8925.00   Ships: 7 to 10 days | Model RLS-SOM

Key Features
  • Modulation bandwidths extending into the GHz Range
  • Higher extinction ratio (up to 70 dB) than acousto-optic and electro-optic modulators
  • Available at wavelengths from 750nm to 1650nm (refer to table in pdf data sheet)
  • A SOM is an SOA based amplitude modulator
  • Lossless, low noise, high speed, high dynamic range, high extinction ratio and highly polarized
  • Minimum pulse duration <1 nanosecond, up to 250 MHz repetition rate
  • 3 versions for specific performances (higher speed / pulse shaping etc.)

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PRICE $8925.00
General Specifications
  • Wavelength (nm): Customer Specified, 700nm to 1650nm (refer to wavelength table in data sheet)
  • Extinction ratio (dB,typ): >50 dB
  • Switching speed: ~1 nanosecond
  • Dynamic range: 60 dB
  • Small signal Gain: 22 to 40 dB (refer to wavelength table in data sheet)
  • Trigger-to-pulse Jitter: <8 ps
  • Max repetition rate: 250 MHz
  • Max output power: 20 to 100 mW (refer to wavelength table in data sheet)
  • User PC interface and programming: USB, LabVIEW driver, DLLs, Python, Hexa-Commands
  • Power supply (included): 12-15 VDC, Universal 110/220V

Product Overview:

A Semiconductor optical modulator (SOM) utilizes an SOA as a light modulator. A CW laser diode signal is applied to the SOA, and the bias current driving the SOA is switched ON/OFF in a pulsed mode at very high (more than 1 GHz). This modulated signal can also be customized and shaped to accommodate many emerging applications.

Advantages of the SOM compared to other modulation solutions:
• The dynamic range of a SOM is much higher than that of an EOM or an AOM. An AOM or EOM are typically limited to < 30 dB, and often less since there is a strong polarization dependency.

• An SOM has no polarization rotation dependencies, whereas both an EOM and an AOM typically are susceptible to polarization dependencies.

• The spectrum of a SOM remains the same along the entire pulse, whereas when directly pulsing a laser diode, the user must consider the undesirable spectral effects which can occur from coupling of the frequency/phase spectrum and intensity profile.

• The SOM is the only commercially available solution which also functions as an optical isolator for the input laser source.

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