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Tunable 1310nm-1460nm High Power SLED

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Key Features
  • 3 Superluminescent Diodes in a Single Package; Each SLED can be Independently Controlled
  • FWHM > 150nm
  • > 25mW Ex-Fiber Output Power
  • Single Mode Fiber, FC/APC Connector, 32-pin Butterfly Package

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Product Overview:

The Luxmux broad spectrum tunable superluminescent diode (BeST-SLED®) platform provides a wide spectrum, powerful light source with up to six SLED's in an hermeti­cally sealed butterfly package. Coupled to a single mode fiber with an FC/APC connector, the BeST-SLED is used in appli­cations which require a wide spectrum, high power and tunability. Luxmux products are manufactured in North America. Proprietary spectral stitching technology allows for complete independent control of all of the SLED's. All SLED's can be run from 0% to 100% of maximum rating. Each SLED comes with a built in independent monitor PD, and all SLED's share a common TEC cooler. Coverage from 1310nm to 1460nm with output power of 35mW places the Luxmux BeST-SLED as the most versatile and powerful SLED light source on the market.

Key Applications:
- Fiber Optic Sensors
- Scientific & Research
- Optical Component Testing
- Telecom Test Equipment
- Optical Coherence Tomography
- Chromatic Dispersion Measurements
- Polarization Mode Dispersion Measurements

SLED Driver and Mount Module:
The Luxmux driver, with an installed BeST-SLED, is an all-in-one, plug and play multi-SLED control and measurement platform which can be configured with up to 3 optional power meters. This plug and play module includes everything required for independent SLED current control, thermal management and communication / user interface.

Key Features of Driver and Mounting Module:
- 6 Independent SLED current controllers, 0 ~ 1.2 amps each
- 6 Independent monitor photodiode readouts: one for each SLED
- 6 Independent actual current readings: one for each SLED
- 6 Manual switches, to turn each SLED on or off
- USB or ethernet communication
- PC software for full control and monitoring
- Custom API available
- Temperature monitoring of heatsink and controller PCB
- TEC control of the 32-Pin butterfly package
- TEC control of the optional power meters
- Automatic fan control for optimal thermal management
- Compatible with all Luxmux 32-pin butterfly packages

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