1030nm / 750mW

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Narrow Bandwidth FBG High Power Laser Diode Module

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Key Features
  • High pulse output power, up to 1W peak
  • Wavelength stabilized at 1064nm or 1030nm
  • Narrow bandwidth emission of <0.3nm
  • Short pulse operation of 5ns-500ns
  • Polarization maintaining single mode optical fiber
  • Internal thermoelectric heat pump and monitor diode
  • Hermetically sealed 14-pin butterfly package
  • RoHS compliant

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    High power wavelength stabilized butterfly laser diode designed for narrow bandwidth pulsed fiber lasers and direct frequency conversion applications Careful attention to the design of the fiber coupled modules allows high peak output that is stable with both time and temperature.

    MODEL LC96Axxx
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    • Operating pulsed peak power: 750mW (<500ns / 500kHz)
    • Peak wavelength: 1030nm
    • Spectral width (FWHM): 0.3 nm
    • Operating pulsed peak current: 1.5 Amps (<500ns / 500kHz)
    • Forward Voltage: 1.5 Volts
    • Rise time: 1.6 ns
    • Pulse width: 5 to 500 ns
    • Repetition rate: 500 kHz
    • Duty cycle: 2 %
    • Fiber lasers
    • FFrequency conversion
    • Spectroscopy