Technical Papers & Application Notes


An Introduction to Laser Diodes »

Author: Dr. Matthias Pospiech

Author: Sha Liu

University of Hannover, Germany, Department of Physics

Publish Date: May 2004

This article provides a technical introduction to the basic physics, mathematical modeling, and physical structures of laser diodes. An in depth analysis of an AlGAs diode laser is used to explain the details which underly the technology.

Laser Diode Tuning

Deriving Laser Diode Current and Temperature Tuning Coefficients »

This article will help you understand the underlying principals used to derive current and/or temperature tuning coefficients (derivatives).

How Much Does a Laser Diode Cost?

How Much do Various Laser Diodes Typically Cost ? »

Learn what specifications and features drive the cost of a laser diode. Discussion of price drivers by wavelength, power, and package for laser diodes.


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