1550nm Laser Diode, 20mW Power

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Key Features
  • Peak Wavelength: 1550 nm
  • CW Optical Output Power: 20 mW
  • Single Mode: TEM00
  • 5.6mm TO-Can with Monitor PD (No TEC)
  • Threshold Current: <45 mA

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PRICE $175.00
General Specifications (typical)
  • Peak Wavelength: 1550±30 nm
  • CW Optical Output Power: 20 mW
  • Operation Current: <120 mA
  • Operation Voltage: 1 ±0.3 V
  • Threshold Current: <45 mA
  • Beam Divergence (FWHM): 8 ±2 degrees
  • Beam Divergence (FWHM): 45 ±5 degrees
  • Spectrum Half-Width (FWHM): <5 nm
  • Emitting Area: 5 x 1 µm
  • Wavelength Temperature Coefficient: 4 ±0.5 nm/degrees
  • Operation Power Temperature Coefficient: 0.2 ±0.05 mW/degrees
  • Operation Current Temperature Coefficient: 0.7 ±0.1 mA/degrees
Mode Structure
  • Single Mode: TEM00
Monitor PD
  • Monitor Current Range: 1-1000 µA
  • PD Reverse Voltage Bias: < 5 V

Product Overview:

These 1550nm laser diodes manufactured by Fibercom offer 20mW of optical output power. These devices are single mode lasers and ship in an industry standard TO-18, 5.6mm hermetically sealed TO-can package. These affordable devices are perfectly suited to high volume industrial applications or for R&D lab applications. Extensive characterization and testing can be seen in the well defined tuning derivative specifications. All of these diode lasers are burn-in tested at the factory prior to shipment and come with an LIV plot.

These devices are designed to operate at a case temperature of ~ 25 degrees Celcius. Because they do not include and integrated TEC controller, it is recommended that the user provide a stable temperature controller heat sink or TO-can socket which is thermally stabilized. These 1550nm lasers do offer an integrated monitor photo-diode. The monitor diode can be used to set the laser in a constant power mode of operation. The MPD has an output range of 1 to 1000 microamps.

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