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405nm, 20mW Blue/Violet Laser Diode from SONY in 5.6mm TO-Can (TO18) Package from Opt Lasers

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$44.00   Ships: 1 week | Model OPTLD004

Key Features
  • Center Wavelength: 405nm
  • CW Optical Output Power: 20mW
  • Blue/Violet Lasing
  • Low Operating Current: 38mA
  • Low Operating Voltage: 4.8V
  • Small Package: 5.6mm TO-can
  • Offered by Opt Lasers, fulfilled by LaserDiodeSource.com

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    Sony 405nm laser diodes are offered in an industry standard 5.6mm TO-can package and are specified up to 35 mW (maximum) of optical output power. Recommended operating output power is 20mW. These Gallium Nitride diode lasers at 405nm offer drive current at 38mA require than 5 volts of forward voltage required. These lasers can be used for research applications as well as medical and other diverse applications.

    PRICE $44.00
    • Center Wavelength: 405nm
    • Optical output power: 0 to 20mW
    • Beam divergence parallel to the junction (typical): 8.5°(typical)
    • Threshold Current (typical): 26mA
    • Operating Current (typical): 38mA
    • Operating Voltage (typical): 4.8V
    • 5.6mm TO-can (TO18)
    • LD Reverse Voltage: 2V
    • Operating Case Temperature:0 to 75°C
    • Storage Temperature:-40 to 85°C