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Turn-Key 405nm Laser Diode Source & Control Module; Excellent Power and λ Stability; Collimated Beam Output

  • 405nm Laser Diode, Nichia, 75mW
  • 405nm 75mW laser diode fiber option
  • 75mW 405nm Laser Diode Power Stability Graph, Model LDX-405NM-75MW
  • 75mW 405nm Laser Diode Parameters, 405nm Laser Diode Software, Model LDX-405NM-75MW
  • 405nm-70mw-laser-diode-infographic-
  • 405nm Laser Diode Software, Model LDX-405NM-75MW

sku / item#: DLA493106 / 405NM-LASER-MODULE
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Key Features
  • 405nm Center Wavelength
  • User Adjustable Output Power from 0 ~ 75 mW
  • User Can Fine-Tune Wavelength Using Temperature Control
  • Compact Design; Power Supply Control Unit Included
  • Temperature-Stabilized Laser Diode; High Power and Wavelength Stability
  • USB Interface with Control GUI / Software Included
  • Offered by RGB Photonics, a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller
  • Sold & Supported in North America by: LaserDiodeSource.com, part of the
    Laser Lab Source Marketplace Group

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PRICE $4695.00
Key Specifications
  • Wavelength: 405nm (+/- 5 nm ... +/- 1 nm on request)
  • User Adjustable Output Power Range: 0 ~ 75mW
  • Power Stability: 1% (10 hours)
  • Beam Alignment: < 5 mrad and < 0.1 mm (relative to base mount)
  • Beam Mode: TEM00
  • Polarization: Linear > 10:1
  • Pointing stability: < 5 µrad/K
  • Temperature Control Accuracy: < 10 mK
  • Warm-Up Time: 5 seconds
  • Modulation: Analog & Digital External Modulation DC to 1.5 MHz
  • Drive Mode: Active Current Control (ACC)
  • Beam Diameter: 1.2mm (round beam)
  • Dimensions: 40.0 × 25.0 × 25.0 mm
  • Powered by USB
  • Weight: 41 g (0.09 lbs)
  • Operating temperature 0 °C to 45 °C (non-condensing)
  • CDRH classification 3b
  • Laser Head Dimensions: 63.5 × 31.0 × 32.5 mm
  • CDRH Classification: 3b
  • Laser with PowerBox Control Unit Dimensions: 98.6 x 31.0 × 32.5 mm
  • Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 45 °C (non-condensing)
  • Weight 94 g (laser head) Weight 163 g (w/Powerbox)
  • Laser Output Power Set-Point (User Adjustable)
  • Laser Temperature Set-Point (User Adjustable)
  • Modulation

Product Overview:

405nmn, 75mW, Single Mode Laser Diode Module

These precision 405nm laser diode based modules offer industry leading stability and turn-key performance. They are often used as an excitation source in fluorescence applications. The laser diode source and control module includes the PowerBox series control unit. These scientific series blue laser diode modules are used in multiple laboratory test applications. They can be controlled via a GUI software interface (included in the purchase price) and with serial commands. All communications are done via USB. The internal laser diode's output power can be adjusted using remote interface. The control unit also includes a modulation input.

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