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SOA Based Fiber Optic Modulator Driver; Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) Ultra-Fast Pulse Driver

sku / item#: SOA-PULSE-T1 / Control and Mount Module
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Key Features
  • Allows Customer to Utilize an SOA as a High Speed Fiber Optic Modulator
  • Pulsed Output Current Range: 0 - 1,500 mA
  • User Adjustable Pulse-Width Range: 1 ns to CW
  • USB with Control Software GUI Included
  • Offered by AeroDIODE, a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller
  • Sold & Supported in North America by: LaserDiodeControl.com, part of the
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MODEL SOA-PULSE-T1 / Control and Mount Module
PRICE $2995.00
  • Pulsed Output Current Range: 0 - 1,500 mA
  • CW Output Current CW (continuous) Mode: 0 - 800 mA
  • User Ajustable Pulse-Width Range: 1 nanosecond to CW
  • Output Voltage Maximum: 4.8 Volts
  • Set-point Resolution @ 500 mA: 0.1mA
  • Repetition Rate Range: 1 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Jitter: <8 psec
  • Internal Pulse Generator: On-board pulse generator
  • External Trigger to Internal Pulse Generator: User supplied LVTTL signal triggers (on the rising edge) the internal generator to deliver the pulse. The pulse parameters are set in the internal pulse generator and the pulse is delivered from the internal generator.
  • External Trigger Pulse Generator: Pulse duration is the same as the external trigger pulse duration
  • USB with Control Software GUI Included
  • DLL Library for C programming and Hexadecimal Protocol are available at no charge
  • Analog (0-3.3V) Remote Signal Peak Power Adjustment and Front Panel Adjustment Knob
  • Input Power Supply: 12VDC (220V/110V adapter included)
  • Dimensions: 146mm (W) x 130mm (L) x 37mm(H)

Product Overview:

Using an SOA-PULSE Unit to Create a High Performance Fiber Optic Modulator:

The SOA pulse driver allows the user to employ a semiconductor optical amplifier to create a high speed, high dynamic range fiber optic modulator. It is a high performance alternative to an AOM or an EOM fiber modulator.

A CW laser diode is used as the input to the SOA. When the bias current driving the SOA is switched ON/OFF in a pulsed mode (with adjustable speed up to > 1 GHz), the result is a fiber optic modulator which offers multiple advantages over traditional modulator technologies. These units can be configured for wavelengths from 750 nm to 1700 nm. It is a lossless, high extinction ratio and highly polarized modulator solution.

The "SOM" Semiconductor Optical Modulator:

When configured with a CW laser diode input and with and an SOA installed in the pulser, the user creates an "SOM". SOM stands for semiconductor optical modulator. Here are a few of the many advantages an SOM offers relative to an AOM, EOM or directly pulsed laser diode solution:

  • The dynamic range of an SOM is higher than that of an EOM or an AOM. An AOM / EOM is typically limited to < 30 dB, and often less since there is a strong polarization dependency. An SOM offers a higher dynamic range, typically > 48 dB with a high extinction ratio > ~ 50 dB

  • An SOM has no polarization rotation dependencies, whereas both an EOM and an AOM typically are highly susceptible to polarization dependencies

  • The spectrum of an SOM remains the same along the entire pulse, whereas when directly pulsing a laser diode, the user must consider the undesirable spectral effects which can occur from coupling of the frequency/phase spectrum and intensity profile

  • The SOM is the only commercially available solution which also functions as an optical isolator for the laser input source

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