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1064nm, 9W, 105µm Multimode Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode in Turn-Key Control System

  • 1064nm 10W high power laser diode system
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  • 1064nm 10W 2021 master blaster three bullet break out laser diode system
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sku / item#: 1064LD-4-6-2 / LASER-DIODE / CCMI
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Key Features
  • 1064nm Laser Diode Source Installed and Calibrated in Control Electronics and Mounting Module
  • All Air-Cooled; Internal Mounting Plate Includes TEC / Peltier Module for Active Temperature Control
  • USB Interface with Simple to Use GUI and Code Libraries: DLLs, Hexa, LABVIEW VIs, Python
  • User Adjustable Laser Output Power and Laser Temperature Set-Point
  • Offered by AeroDIODE a Laser Lab Source Marketplace Seller
  • Sold & Supported in North America by: LaserDiodeControl.com, part of the
    Laser Lab Source Marketplace Group

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PRICE $6390.00
LASer specifications
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm (± 5 nm)
  • Output Power: 9 W (CW / Pulse)
  • Emission Bandwidth: 5 nm
  • Output Fiber Core: 105µm, NA 0.22
  • Fiber Termination: SMA Connector
Laser Diode Controller Specifications
  • Current Range: 0 - 21 Amps
  • Compliance Voltage Range: 0 - 36 Volts
  • Current Stability: ± 0.025% of Full Scale Set-Point Current
  • Laser Diode Set-Point Adjustment Resolution: 0.05 Amps
  • Control Modes: ACC (constant current) and APC (laser output power feedback from photodiode)
  • Temperature Control Range (typ): 15 - 40°C
  • Temperature Stability (typ): < 0.05°C
  • TEC Power: > 150 Watts
  • Pulse Duration: 10µs to CW
  • Trigger: External Only
USER INTERFACE and power input
  • USB with GUI Software
  • Includes Control Software Libraries : DLLs, Hexa, Labview VI
  • Power Supply (included) : 24 VDC (input 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz)
  • 238mm * 146mm * 142.5mm

Product Overview:

Pre-Configured 1064 nm Laser Source and CW Control Module

These fully-integrated CW 1064 nm laser source & control modules offer the user a pre-configured, tested, and calibrated solution for test and sensing applications.


    System ships with 1064nm laser diode installed and tested in control electronics and mounting module.

    Current and temperature limits keep your laser diode in safe operating range.

    Get up and running fast with unlimited phone & email tech-support; see contact info in the images section.

Robust and Rugged Design for Durability & Ease-of-Use

The integrated 1064 nm laser diode source module delivers multimode output through a 105µm core armored fiber, terminated with an SMA connector. Both the chip in the package and the package itself were designed and optimized to provide excellent long term reliability. The coupling of the laser light into the fiber is based on proprietary techniques and manufacturing processes that provide high peak output power.

Closed-Case for Clean Design and Reliability

The CCMI controller module features a closed-case design. The laser diode, heat-sink, and controller electronics are enclosed to help protect the laser, and deliver efficient temperature regulation. The design is compact and contained.

Smart Design Enhances Application Usability

The source system controller is electrically very efficient - 80% or greater from the wall-plug. And the smart control system via USB allows multiple controllers and source systems to be operated simultaneously from the same computer.

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