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1550nm DFB Laser; 200 kHz Linewidth, 40mW CW Power, 80mW Pulsed Power

  • 1550nm DFB Laser
  • 1550nm Output Power 40mW DFB
  • 1550nm Line Width Measurement
  • 1550nm DFB Relative Intensity Noise
  • DFB laser, 1550nm, Schematic Drawing
  • Butterfly Package Dimensions

sku / item#: 1550LD-2-0-0 / LASER-DIODE
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Key Features
  • Single Frequency Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diode
  • CW or Pulsed Mode of Operation
  • 14-Pin Butterfly, Integrated Monitor PD, TE Cooler & 10K Thermistor
  • Single Mode Fiber (PM Fiber is available on Request)
  • FC/APC Connector
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PRICE $1495.00
Optical Specifications (typical)
  • Center Wavelength: 1550 nm ±5 nm
  • Output Power (CW): 40 mW
  • Emission Bandwidth: < 200 kHz (160 kHz typ)
  • SMSR: 35 dB min (50 dB typ)
  • Wavelength Shift w/Temperature: 0.08 nm/°C
  • Wavelength Shift w/Current: 0.003 nm/mA
  • Pulsed Output Power: 80 mW
Electrical Specifications (typical)
  • Threshold Current: 8 mA (typ)
  • Operating Current: 300 mA (typ)
  • Operating Voltage: 1.6 V (typ)
  • TEC Current: 1 A (max)
  • TEC Voltage: 1.5 V (max)
  • Thermistor: 10 kOhm
  • Internal Photodiode Responsivity: 5 mA / W
  • Internal Photodiode Dark Current: 500 nA
FIBER PIGTAIL and Termination
  • Single Mode SMF28, Fiber Core: 9 μm
  • (PM Fiber is available as an option for an additional charge)
  • FC/APC Connector

Product Overview:

1550nm DFB Laser Diode Overview

These single frequency 1550nm DFB laser diodes offer up to 40mW of laser output power in CW mode. Their key features include their single longitudinal mode (single frequency) emission profile, high stability, as well as a high output power. They are also tunable. DFB lasers are used in applications such as sensing, telecommunications, spectroscopy and atomic physics. They employ Bragg diffraction gratings in the active gain region of the semiconductor to form a waveguide. These 1550nm devices are offered in an industry standard butterfly package with a "Type 1" pin configuration. The butterfly package is electrically floating, allowing for flexibility in mounting and selection of the bias current source. The butterfly package includes a 10K thermistor, a TE cooler and a monitor photodiode.

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