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WHAT IS A DFB LASER? The acronym DFB stands for "distributed feedback" laser. This sub-category of laser diode (and some fiber laser) types employs Bragg gratings in the active gain region of the semiconductor. The resonator is based on a periodic structure with two Bragg gratings acting as distributed reflectors in the desired frequency range. Their primary advantage is that one axial resonator mode prevails over other modes. This yeilds a relatively narrow single peak (single mode) gaussian waveform spectral profile at the desired wavelength. They are available at wavelengths from 640nm to 14,000nm. The most common wavelengths include 1064nm, 1310nm, and 1550nm. The 1064nm devices are commonly used as seed sources in fiber lasers, while the 1310/1550nm devices are used in many telecommunications applications. Other common applications include gas and chemical sensing. These lasers are typically offered in fiber coupled butterfly packages or TO-can packages. (more information on DFB's »)

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